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Environmentally Friendly

A5 Individual Butterfly Badges

They are on an A5 size sheet and will work with any standard office printer. When printed the badge itself peels off the carrier, folds in half and can be attached to a lanyard or clip.

· They are supplied with a slot at the top of the badge. 

· Less waste: These badges do not require a holder

· Onsite registration desk - 1 at a time

· Plain or pre-printed with graphics


A5 Individual Butterfly Badges


· Page A5 landscape

· Badge dimensions: 97mm x 86mm  

· Product reference: eb3S

· £ 30.00 per pack of 100 badges 


All butterfly badges are produced from FSC approved Paper. FSC insured means every tree used for making paper is replanted with a new tree, making it very eco friendly.

FSC LOGO WHITE credential number.jpg


- We recommend using a laser printer but inkjet printers are okay.

- When printing it is important to select the "media type" or a "paper type" as thick card or card stock. You must select the heaviest weight setting. This will avoid jams and also smudging.

- Specifications of the eco-butterfly badges 170gsm with a 56gsm liner, so the total overall weight is approximately 226gsm.

- Most printers are usually rated to print with a maximum setting of either 22gsm or 256gsm thickness. We recommend using a printer rated with a maximum media thickness of 256gsm or higher. 


ECO Friendly Bamboo & RPET 

Printed Lanyards

ECO Friendly Bamboo 

Plain Lanyards

Printing & Production


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