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Eco Friendly

Board Name Badges

- FSC Certificate bpard material 1000 micron thickness 
- Durable, sturdy, thick board badges made entirely of FSC certificate paper.
- Hard wearing, long lasting and great for multi-day events
- These are not printable at home, just manufactured by us.
They require special machinery.
- Full colour digital printing 

Boarding Name Badges

· Available sizes

  95 mm x 127 mm (Ref: bs1)

  80 mm x 120 mm (Ref: bs2)

  70 mm x 100 mm (Ref: bs3)

· £ 30.00 per pack of 100 badges 

FSC LOGO WHITE credential number.jpg


All butterfly badges are produced from FSC approved Paper. FSC insured means every tree used for making paper is replanted with a new tree, making it very eco friendly.

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