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Magnetic Badge Holders

Recycled and Recyclable

· Our magnetic fittings are designed to offer a strong, secure method of attaching your name badge to your clothing, eliminating any damage that might be caused by repetitive use of a pin or combi-clip fitting. The magnetic fitting really is the quick and easy fitting for your name badge.


· Our magnets are more than capable of holding our name badges, even through suits and jackets!


· To attach one of our magnetic name badges simply hold the back-plate of the magnet inside your clothing and line up the name badge on the outside of your clothing. This will 'sandwich' your clothing between the back of the magnet and the metal plate attached to the name badge, securing it in place.


· Use our pin & clip badge card stock labels reference 'in4' to print inserts quickly & easily

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Standard Size Magnetic Badge Holders

​· Maximum badge insert size: 90mm wide x 55mm high

​· Outside dimensions: 90mm wide x 57mm high

​· No clips or pins needed. Strong magnet secures badge through any clothes.

​· Use with badge insert stock reference: 'in4'

​· Product reference: 'bh7'

​· Price: £20.00 ex VAT per pack of 25

WARNING: Magnetic fittings should not be used if the wearer has any sensitive medical devices. Magnetic fittings may cause interference with artificial pacemakers. Please ensure this will not affect your wearers before ordering.


Name Badge Organiser Display Trays 

and Name Badge Transport Cases


A4 Name Badge Insert Sheets

Printing and Production Service

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