Hunter Operations Ltd (formerly Nicholas Hunter Ltd) is the leading supplier of conference badges & accessories, eco-friendly name badges & lanyards, reusable name badges, & printed lanyards based in UK. Our name badges & lanyards are used for conferences, meetings, functions, events, exhibitions & staff throughout the UK & World.

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· These badges do not require a holder

· They are 3x4 inch and A6 large size

· They can be used with single hook   lanyards, double hook lanyards, clips..


· These badges do not require a holder

· They are A5 large size

· They can be used with single hook   lanyards, double hook lanyards, clips..


Eco Bamboo Lanyards are available in blue, red, yellow, white, green and black

. Made from 100% bamboo fibres

· They can be used with our eco- friendly butterfly badges


· Eco Bamboo & (RPET) Recycled Plastic Lanyards available

· Manufactured from plastic-free and natural fibres 

· They can be used with our eco- friendly

butterfly badges

Event Passes

· Avaliable in three sizes 
· Can be printed on both sides
· Fully weather proof and very durable
· Ideal for a top impression

· Ideal for a range of events

· Different sizes and colors avaliables

· Compatible with a range of badge   attachments

· Lightweight and durable

A6 & A7 Badge Holders

· Ideal for a range of events

· Different sizes  availables

· Compatible with a range of badge attachments

· Lightweight and durable

BH4_web image.png

· One of our most popular products

· Ideal for use in a range of events

· A durable and economical option

Personalised Lanyards ​

· Our printed lanyards allow the choice of high quality multi-colour printing, on a variety of fabric widths, types & colours. 

· An effective marketing tool, used by our customers for all kind of events


· Our plain lanyards securely attach.

· High-quality and safety breakaway clasp included.

· Are durable, lightweight and professional.

ID Card Name Badges

ID Card

Name Badges

· A durable alternative to paper-based name badges.

· Compatible with our name badge organiser display trays and transport cases.

Magnetic Badge Holders

· The quick and easy fitting for your name badge

· More than capable of holding our name badges, even through suits and jackets!

Swivel Name Tags

· Semi rigid swivel clip badge holders are large enough for multiple lines of print.Very resistent.

· Allows attendees to attach without damaging delicate fabrics. 

Name Badge Organiser Display Trays 

· Enable you to arrange your name badges before your event. 

· They’ll save space on registration counters and speed up the delegate registration process. 

Name Badge Transport Cases

· This product adds lids to our display trays.

· Each will hold 200 badges total. 

· Available in 2 sizes for different height badges.

Divider cards

· Ideal for use in our badge display trays to quickly and easily separate groups of badges.

· 26 per pack and reusable. 

Table Name Tents

· Perfect for use in a broad range of events.They allows display the name of the assistants easily. We also provide a design and printing service.

· Is scratch-resistant, durable and reusable.


· All are available to use with our badge holders.

· Badge clips are the most widley used badge attachment and are cost effective and reliable. Bead necklaces are still a popular choice.


Micro-Perforated A4 Name Badge Insert Sheets

· Avaliable for use with all sizes of our badge holders. 

· Templates availables to download with instruction sheets as well.

· Quick & easy.

Custom Name Badges: Printing and Production Service

Custom Name Badge: 

Printing and Production Service

Pre-printed name badge inserts are available for all of our badge holders. Choose from any of our badge sizes, or our PVC credit card style badges, then simply send us your Excel spreadsheet, your badge design specifications and any logo/artwork files and we will produce your badges for you.


Hunter Operations Ltd can save you additional time, effort and concern with our add-on badge production services: with our standard production service, we will dispatch your printed badges sorted and pre-stuffed into badge holders, and with our deluxe production service we will additionally input your badges into one of our name badge storage/transport cases inclusive of name badge display trays, securely stored for transit and neatly arranged for display at event registration desks. For a quotation, or to place an order send an e-mail to: office@nicholashunter.com