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Hunter Operations Limited
Environmental Policy


Hunter Operations provide one the UK's widest ranges of eco-friendly name badge, lanyard, wristband and accessories solutions. We are constantly innovating to provide more eco-friendly and sustainable options for our customers and are committed to reducing our environmental impact at every level of the business. Our environmental policy set outs the ways in which we do this.



  • We recycle and reuse packaging at every opportunity.

  • We minimize paper wastage and only print when necessary.

  • We ensure that all office waste separated including mixed dry recycling, paper and cardboard.

  • We use a special recycling program for our  toner cartridges and printer consumables.

  • Our office uses LED lighting.

  • Lights and electrical equipment are turned off when not in use.

  • We collect data on our energy usage so we can identify ways of reducing it.


Transport and Travel

  • Our primary courier service is carbon neutral and only uses electric vehicles.

  • For local deliveries we use zero-emission bike couriers.

  • We request eco-friendly/electric vehicles when using alternative courier companies.

  • Our team walk, cycle and use electric vehicles when commuting to work wherever possible.



  • We make an effort to work with  local businesses and customers and value the positive environmental impact in doing this.

  • We are members of a Bristol sustainable business network, with the intention of moving towards a better, greener and more sustainable future. This includes attending Net Zero training, taking part in networking events with the aim of making businesses more eco-friendly and implementing suggested carbon reduction measures in our business.

  • We are sponsoring the Bristol Festival of Sustainable Business in September 2024.

  • We take a keen interest in developments and innovations towards greater sustainability within the wider industry, networking and attending conferences with businesses that share our ethos.

  • We are working with local environmental authorities to produce our first Carbon Footprint Report which will be available soon.



  • Our products are sourced from sustainable sources and suppliers wherever possible.

  • We request sustainability information and eco-credentials from our suppliers.

  • We source recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packing materials.  

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