Polyester Wristbands 

100% Recyclable

36 micron Laser Guaranteed Polyester Wristbands

Perfect for festivals, children's events or outdoor activities 
or any occasion where your attendees need to be separated into groups

- A colourful range of wristbands supplied in A4 format, with 10 wristbands per page.
- Personalised using a standard laser printer
- Waterproof and grease proof 
- Designed for maximum flexibility: 
- Once printed the wristbands can be used immediately, distributed via the post or handled as required before being applied to a wrist. 


Highly visible tamper evidence which is activated when the wristband is removed. The wristband cannot be re-applied without this being apparent.

Our 10up laser guaranteed wristbands are supplied on an A4 carrier sheet ready for personalisation. The wristbands are pre-printed in a comprehensive range of any colour.

Weather resistant polyester is hard wearing and pliable. Its lightweight nature makes it a comfortable and easy to wear wristband.

These wristbands are recyclable.

When gently removed from the carrier sheet, the wristband is completely dry - the adhesive and voiding areas are protected by a removable strip.

Example of laser print. This can be in colour or mono and with variable or static data, 2D coding and graphic imagery.

Product Schematic:

Our Voiding Wristbands are supplied on A4 sheets ready to be fully personalised on demand.

- Each individual wristband can be peeled from the A4 sheet and has a removable flap that protects the adhesive allowing the wristband to be distributed before activating.

- Each A4 sheet contains ten wristbands.

- Are compatible with almost all colour and mono laser printers and are water and greaseproof.

- Our Voiding Wristbands are available in a range of vibrant colours.


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